Law 12

General Resources

Wednesday June 5
Class Notes: Review of exam outline and sharing of individual projects.  You should bring in the Stanford article, 1 page of notes, you should think about a case to reference and think about your conceptualisation of justice.  Exam is in room 209, Tuesday June 11.
Resources: Law 12 Exam Outline June 2013

Monday June 3
Reading: Justice as a Virtue: Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Please read this in prep for exam June 11, and bring this article with you (paper format).

Thursday May 30
Last day for working.

Tuesday May 28

Law 12 Personal Interest Project Part 3Tutorial

Monday May 13
Class Notes: Quick discussion on the planning of your interivew- thinking about both the structure and the content will be important.  Aim to get that sorted out for this week.  We also spoke about the importance of front loading all the information in your introductory email so the decision can be made efficiently on the other side.  Work period on interview questions.

Thursday May 9
Class Notes: Introduction to the final work you will do in the class.  It is designed to and should be done from the perspective of someone interested in pursuing that area of law as a career.  I.e. you in an area that you are interested in. Please note the staggered deadlines for the different components of the project… unless noted otherwise, it will be for the end of that day’s class.
Resources: Law 12 Personal Project

Tuesday May 7
Class Notes: Completion of landmark cases chart ensemble.

Friday May 2
Class Notes: Last presentation…and then 1) complete the chart together as a group based on each of your respective presentations and then 2) complete a response as outlined in the document below.  This response should be handed in by the end of class (email or printed).
Resources: Law 12 Stare Decisis Landmark Cases

Wednesday April 30th
Class Notes: Final presentations… more slides/links to follow.

Tuesday April 8
Class notes: Discuss article below.  Work on project.

Prep: Continue work on Project.

Friday April 5
Class Notes; Work Period on project.
Prep: Continue work on Projects.

Wednesday April 3
Class Notes– Welcome back from Spring Break!  We started our last criminal law investigation today, looking into 7 of the landmark cases in Canadian Law.  The task sheet is included below, and the cases are distributed as follows.


  • Josh Justin Iakov – R v. Morgentaler (1988)
  • Philip Julien Blake- Bedford v. Canada (2012)
  • Greg Ian Nik Sam- Rv. Feeney (1997)
  • Paul Spencer Tony- R v. Oakes (1986)
  • Brian Jung Will Merritt- Egan v. Canada (1995)
  • Dylan Tim Jaeten- Andrews v. Law Society of BC (1989)
  • Brendan Nathan Daniel- Reference Case SCC 79 (2004)


  • 1/2 of Wednesday April 3- Work period (Suggestion: Work distribution, preliminary research)
  • Friday April 5- Work Period (Suggestion: Research)
  • Tuesday April 9- Work Period (suggestion: Compilation of work, begin work on multimedia)
  • Thursday April 11- Work Period (Suggestion: Finalise multimedia)
  • Monday April 15- Presentation Day #1 (All presentations should be ready.)
  • Wednesday April 17- Presentation Day #2 (Day 2).


  • Multimedia presentation, incorporating all speakers, all components and a meaningful interactive component.  Estimated length of 10-15 minutes.


  • Intervenors should focus on intervenors when possible, public opinion in general if submissions from intervenors is difficult to find.
  • Be sure to have a handle on how the case went through the court system and be clear as to what stage you are looking at (i.e. who the appellant/respondent is, what the original offense was, etc)

Resources:   Law 12 Stare Decisis Landmark Cases,   Supreme Court of Canada: Case Information Search link (potentially useful especially to those of you doing Intervenors/Public Opinion).

Prep: Continue work on project.  All projects due Monday April 15.  Presentations Monday April 15/Wednesday April 17.

Thursday March 7Class Notes: Continuation of work on the case.
Prep: None.

Tuesday March 5
Class Notes: Consideration of various multimedia on assissted-suicide legistlation, currently at the BC Court of Appeal.  We looked at the historical Sue Rodriguez case, discussed the issue itself and listened to an overview of the fresh case before the courts, Carter et. al.  Using the document below, we will look at this case as a class (specific roles), as preparation for you to choose a case to do similar treatment on with a group after spring break.  Links to resources are in the document.
Resources: Law 12 Stare Decisis Assisted Suicide

Friday March 1
Thanks for a great day on Wednesday.  The response questions below will wrap up the experience.  You should make sure the following is done and have the class to make it so:

  • Response- should be done today
  • Questions from the Mock Trial- should be done today
  • Complex paragraph from after the fishbowl discussions- by Tuesday latest.

Resources: Law 12 Mock Trial Court Watching Response,,    Questions Crown and Defence Counsels ,   Questions Jury and Journalists Questions Witnesses

Wednesday February 27th, 2013

Mock Trial and Court Watching at the Provincial, BC Supreme and BC Appeal Court.

Monday February 25th, 2013
Class Notes; Final class to prepare for Mock Trials @ the law courts on Wednesday.

Logistical Notes for Wednesday: Bring in permission forms (3. Field Trip Parent Permission 2013 February 27), bring lunch or money for lunch, be in number 1s (no grad jackets) and in class as usual at 8:30, bring costumes, props, prep etc for trials, request permission from teachers whose classes you will be missing on Friday.  Court watching in the morning, mock trials starting at 12:30pm.

Prep notes for Wednesday: Refer to this final document (Mock Trials General Information), work with counsel to prepare as a witness/as counsel, gather evidence if you are tasked with that.

Thursday February 21
Class Notes: Discussion on the latest in the Oscar Pistorius Case (click image for article) and final fishbowl on topic D below.

Screen shot 2013-02-21 at 1.51.45 PM

Rest of class spent on mock trials, which will be done in the courthouse on Wednesday.  Attorneys and judges received additional material. Witnesses received instructions on questions to complete (all of the questions on the Witness side of the page & the C questions on the Jury/Journalist side of the page).
Prep: Continue work on trial preparations & questions.

Tuesday February 19th
Class Notes:

Then 4 fishbowls (see observation sheet below) on the following four topics:

  • A-    Young people should have more rights than adults in the criminal justice system.
  • B-    Media should publish names of youth involved in the criminal justice system.
  • C-  Special consideration should be given to youth who are in the foster system, have been diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, etc. as they go through the criminal justice system.
  • D-   Criminal records of young offenders should be expunged at 18 years old.

Resources: Law 12 Fishbowl Observation Sheet
: For next class- if you have done your discussion, write a complex paragraph (addressing both sides and ultimately your justified opinion on any topic).

Friday February 7th

  • Class should be spent with attorneys planning and rehearsing questioning with their witnesses.  Witnesses are reminded that they should not be using their Profiles as scripts, but as guidelines.  Witnesses can also help each other with wording and especially, in mock “cross examining”.
  • Judges should continue their work on researching procedure for evidence, witness and general court room procedure.
  • This will be one of the last classes to prepare.

Monday February 4th
Class Notes: Question preparation/research for mock trials.

Tuesday January 29th
Class Notes: A full class session with Mr. Tim Outerbridge.  Thanks for your dynamic participation.
Prep: I need the prep #1 page from the case and your questions on secret evidence in order to calculate midyear marks.  Please hand in by Thursday.

Friday January 25th
Class Notes; Two important pieces from today.  1) get your information for your mock trial role and complete the Prep Sheet 1 and 2) Look at the Op Ed Article on the bottom of the Law of Evidence handout and do the 9 questions associated with that article for Tuesday’s class please.
Resources: Law 12 Criminal Law Evidence Articles ,    Law 12 Criminal Law Mock Trial Prep 1, Criminal Code; Section 219 for Rv Clarke, Criminal Code; Section 229 for Rv Hudson
Prep: See above.  Reminder… guest speaker next day… please arrive on time and prepared to engage with him.

Wednesday January 23
Class Notes: Check in on the defences and how they are used.  We then went through the Duhaime article in the Evidence document below and parsed the important elements of each paragraph.  We then took on roles for the two mock trials… more info on your roles to follow on Friday.
Resources:Law 12 Criminal Law Mock Trial Roles
Prep: None.

Monday January 21st
Class Notes: What are the available defenses to provide for an accused?   Remember that the defense need not prove that the person is not guilty- but rather than reasonable doubt exists as to their guilt.  Defenses we discussed will go to one or more of mens rea (guilty mind) and actus reus (that the offense was committed and that it is the defendant who committed the offense).
Resources: Law 12 Criminal Law Defenses     Law 12 Criminal Law Evidence Articles
Prep: Please read one of the articles from the links included in the “Laws of Evidence” document above.

Thursday January 17th
Class Notes: review of last day’s work, and completion of the slides, specifically the appeals process.
Prep: review the Heintzman article (posted on Tuesday) and be prepared to discuss one of the following:

  1. Track his line of argument in the intro.
  2. Summarise the 5 perceptions of the Canadian public he provides.
  3. Focus on one of the 7 threats to the Canadian justice system.  What is he saying and comment on that.
  4. Consider the source- what is the author’s bio? what might an agenda or bias be?

Tuesday January 15th

Resources: Heintzman Article, Law 12 Trial Process
Homework: Review the Heinztman article above and come to class with 2 criticisms of Canada’s justice system.

Tuesday December 18th
Class Notes: Change of plans, original plans are below, what we actually did was discuss the events in Connecticut from Friday, including references to the video of US President Barack Obama’s speech at the Sunday vigil and the article “I am Adam Lanza’s Mother

Some viewing of different prisons, to consider as part of your quick work to design your own correctional facility.

Screen shot 2012-12-17 at 8.02.42 PM

Correctional Facility Assignment:

– This will be an ongoing piece of work that you will add, ammend and reflect upon as we follow through on the Criminal Justice unit.
– Step 1: For which type of offenders will your facility be based and where will it be located?
Step 2: Sketch the basic elements of the facility, labelling as much as possible.
– Step 3: Source and print a news-media article that supports one or some of your choices from Step 1 and/or 2.  Provide an overview of the article and a couple sentences outlining how and why it supports your choices.

Prep: Look at some of the chatter regarding Connecticut and note trends in issues, language and your personal and academic responses to what you read.

Friday December 14th

Discussion of your case profiles and viewing/discussing the following,

Prep: Finish outstanding assignments, mostly DNA Case study.

Wednesday December 12th
We welcomed Pam and Justin from the John Howard Society of BC.  A few interesting lines from Justin I noted:

  • I was not addicted to drugs, my addiction was to money, and anything I could do to make more of it I would try it.
  • The better the police do, the more violence there is.
  • Is anything a deterrence? Not really.  – from Pam.. deterrence not needed, address social issues… from Justin- take money from legalisation and put it towards social programs.
  • It’s not the police- if the police catch you, they’ve done you a favour… it’s the other consequences…
  • Way worse things than jail…
  • Marijuana tripled lumber exports..
  • Spikes in violence have to do with- something at the border, and generally the dry up of money in some way.
  • Someone always knows.

Screen shot 2012-12-12 at 11.35.40 AM

Homework: finish case report for Friday’s discussion and submission.

Monday December 10th
Class Notes: Work continues on your Case Profile, collective report due for Wednesday.
Homework: Prepare for Guest Speakers from John Howard Society.  Generated questions:

  • Do you assist people who are coming out from prison after committing serious crimes such as severe assault, and repeat offenders?
  • On your mission, it says to provide “cost efficient service”, what are examples of this? 
  • Are there some offenders who cannot be rehabilitated and to which you deny service?
  • Do you accept volunteers?
  • What’s their primary method of raising funds, and what barriers do you face?
  • Do you support in life sentences for the most serious of crimes?
  • What would you purpose as an alternative to the Omnibus Crime Bill?
  • What’s your opinion on the failure of US rehabilitation centres?
  • Where do you see the future of the criminal system in Canada?
  • Why isn’t this work done through the government?
  • What are examples of your success stories?
  • At what point do you “pull the plug” on someone?
  • There are 6 examples of why people shouldn’t be punished for a crime, why should these be used as “excuses”.

Thursday December 5th
Class Notes: Interactive lecture on Corrections.  Beginning of work on your Case Profile (see assignment below, which contains instructions and timeline).
Resources: Law 12 Criminal Law Corrections, Law 12 Criminal Law Corrections Activity

Tuesday December 3rd
Class Notes: finishing up our interactive lecture on the investigative process.
Homework: Your specific text question (as assigned on last slide) and 4 of the 6 questions associated with the case study on page 210-211.  Case Study questions to be collected at start of class on Thursday.
Resources: Law 12 Criminal Law Investigative Process 1

Friday November 30th
Class Notes: A disruption from Mr Sayers and then the rest of the period with Const. John McCormack (99) with the West Vancouver Police Department.

Wednesday November 28th
Class Notes: Review of charts from the document below… really good insight into the power and limitation of statistics.  Your observations on themes/trends and questions posed are below as well.  Consider what your assumptions are based on and if there is any direct evidence to confirm your suspicions.

Theme/Trend Question
–       Types of crime have similar rise/fall patterns-       Peak in early 1990s-       Overall trend in past 10 years is downward-       disparity of crime severity between reasons-       northern regions see highest crime severity and violent crime severity-       most of the above average ratings are bigger cities-       cities with diversified populations have higher ratings-       western Canadian cities have higher ratings-       overall trend of attempted murder and homicide is decreasing-       overall upward trend of serious assaults –       how to solve the disparity?-       Why do property crimes seem to be the highest crime rate?-       Regarding CMA chart- year on year comparisons… do cities change year over year?-       What’s the deal with Winnipeg and Regina?-       Why an upward trend in serious assaults? Is it a matter of increased reporting?

We then started an interactive lecture on the investigative process- starting with police and arrest procedures.
Resources: Law 12 Criminal Law Investigative Process 1Homework: Please read pages 189-200 in All About Law text.

Thursday November 22nd
Class Notes: Work on both the Chapter 5 Questions and the Chart questions below.  Submit Chapter 5 questions by end of class.
Homework: Be prepared to discuss your chart on Wednesday.

Tuesday November 20th
Class Notes: Review of Issues by Decade (from last day): 30 minutes ish for research, 20 minutes ish for sharing and discussion.  We then moved on to the report below.  Each of you have a chart to consider and should be prepared to report on the following:

  • Explanation- Give a basic overview of the chart, what it shows (patterns) and any exceptions.  This should include a commentary on the data itself.
  • Context- What do we need to know about the data set to fully understand it?
  • Analysis- What is this data set showing, and what is it not?
  • Point/Counterpoint- Develop an argument for which this data set may be used as a piece of evidence.  Develop a counterargument as well.


Click image for full report.

Homework: Continue work on Chapter 5 as outline on Friday November 16th.  Due end of class Thursday November 22.

Friday November 16th
Class Notes: Investigation of “law and order” issues by decade as well as considering some media concerning the 2012 omnibus crime bill, C-10 in pursuit of our unit question: Does Canada need strengthened crime law?
Resources: Law 12 Unit 2 Criminal Law Issues by Decade, CBC News Story, Cross Country Check Up Episode
Homework: Start to work on assignment: Chapter 5 in text- read and do on page 158: key terms, check your knowledge #1-4 and one other question on 158/159.  For bonus assignments to add to your term average, do the same for Chapter 3 and/or 4.  Due at end of period Thursday November 21st.

Wednesday November 14th
Class Notes: Recognising your work loads, today was a work period.  Good luck, I look forward to your full present-ness on Friday.

Friday November 9th
Class Notes: continuation of slideshow below and a look at each of your crimes and it’s associated portion in the criminal code.
Homework: None.

Wednesday November 7th
Class Notes: Interactive lecture- criminal law.
ResourcesLaw 12 Criminal Law Intro
omework: Print an article that discusses a crime that took place in Canada within the past 15 years.

Monday November 5th
Class Notes:

Thank you for your comments on Eddie Obeng‘s remarks, as well as your ideas on risk taking, where risk is encouraged at Saints and what risk-taking needs.  Some of the points I came away with include:

  • that risk is personalized and context specific (what is risk for someone may not be for another)
  • risk can be put off
  • value in taking risk is calculated not on the basis of possibility but rather probability
  • that this is an environment that is so safe that there is no advantage gained from taking risk

Next, sharing of the “elevator pitch” version of your essays and sharing what you’re interested in with respect to criminal law.
Homework: None.

Thursday November 1st
Class Notes: Work period for your essay.
Homework: essay due Monday November 5th.

Tuesday October 30th
Class Notes: Review of the principles from last class and putting them in hierarchical order.  Started the formal essay deadlines: planning due at end of Thursday’s class essay due start of class on Monday.  Great info graphic on the relationship between the individual and the state… great find, Tim!

ResourcesLaw 12 Foundations Response
omework: work on response to meet deadlines #1 and #2.

Friday October 26th
Class Notes: Interactive lecture on the principles of our system of law.
ResourcesLaw 12 Foundations Principles
Homework: Read a newspaper this weekend. Enjoy.

Wednesday October 24th, 2012
Class Notes: Final 3 presentations… great job everyone.  Next class, we will go over some of the underyling tenets of our justice system and you’ll start your response to the summative question from this accountability section.
Homework: none.

Monday October 22nd, 2012
Class Notes:  Why do we learn about accountability mechanisms? Because you may care about one of these issues, or something like it… and once you care, you need to do something.  What will you do?

Presentation Order:

1Iakov Tim Jaeten Dylan Dillon

2 Nikhil Justin Josh Greg

3 Brendan Philip, Nathan daniel

4 Sam Paul Spencer Tony

5Merritt Brian Jungroan Will

6 Juien Ian Blake

Groups 4, 5, 6 will present Wednesday.

Wednesday October 17th, 2012
Class Notes: work period #2 on your pojects.
Homework: Presentations due Monday.

Monday October 15th, 2012
Class Notes: Work period #1 on your projects.
Homework: Continue work on project.  On Wednesday’s class we will discuss presentations.

Thursday October 11th, 2012
Class notes: Finish with Phillip Allott and introduction to the next work for our attention, mechanisms for maintaining accountability.  Monday Oct 15 and Wed Oct 17 will be work periods, with presentations happening Monday Oct 22.
ResourcesLaw 12 Foundations Accountability Mechanisms
Homework: None due for Monday.

Tuesday October 9th, 2012
Class Notes: Review of the 10/05/12 Supreme Court of Canada decision on HIV/AIDS and aggravated sexual assault using the media template (we will see this again!).  We began watching the Philip Allott lecture and discussed the first 8 questions.  Will finish  this on Thursday.
ResourcesLaw 12 Allott Question SheetLaw 12 Media Analysis Supreme Court HIV October 6 2012
Homework: Read the questions to prepare for the remainder of the lecture.

Wednesday October 3rd

Class Notes: Review of The Shadow Line questions and delving into chunks of the chapter.
Homework: None, have a great weekend.

Monday October 1st
Class Notes: Work period on The Shadow Line
Homework: Complete 6 of 8 Review questions (last pages of chapter) for Wednesday.

Thursday September 27th
Class Notes: Completion of Shipwrecked law system and an interesting discussion regarding the use of force, law and strict measures in times of crisis.  Next, we will turn our attention to how we determine a behaviour is “wrong” in our communities (shipwrecked or not).
ResourcesLaw 12 The Shadow Line Ian McDermid Gomme
Homework: Next class (Monday) will be a work period to read Chapter 1 of the text The Shadow Line by Ian McDermit Gomme and then complete 6 of 8 Review questions (last page) for Wednesdays class.

Tuesday September 25th, 2012
Class Notes: Review of the purposes and functions of a system of law, early codifications and you started developing your own system of law.  We will continue this on Thursday.
Resources: Law 12 Foundations Codes and CodificationsLaw 12 Foundations Purposes and Functions of LawLaw 12 Foundations Shipwrecked

Friday September 21st, 2012

Class Notes: Today’s class was a capitvating series of discussions prompted by:

Thank you for your thoughtfulness.  Next week we move on to exploring the foundations of our justice system itself.

Homework: None.

Wednesday September 19th, 2012
Class Notes: Continuing work on the Personal Ethics project.
Homework: Finish visual display if you didn’t finish in class.

Monday September 17th, 2012
Class Notes: Today we began the personal ethics activity… looking at the ten stations and then, if you finished that, moving on to the visualisation of each of the ten stations.  We will finish this up next day.
ResourcesLaw 12 Foundations Personal Ethics MaterialLaw 12 Foundations Personal Ethics Student Sheet
Homework: None.

Thursday September 13th, 2012
Class Notes: Discussion of the Moral Dilemmas article- focussing on the two graphics (action vs result and duties of ommission vs. duties of commission). We then in small groups discused some of the moral dillemaas (see link below) then took 30 minutes to do write a response (see document below).
Homework: For those who missed class, please do the written response (take 30 minutes- your discussion can be theoretical, personal, examples, etc).
Resources: Moral Dilemmas reading, Moral dilemmas casesLaw 12 Foundations Moral Personal Response

Tuesday September 11th, 2012
Class Notes: Sharing case studies and quotes on justice and watched the video below from Damon Horowitz who calls for a “moral operating code” in our world of power, technology and data.

Think about:

  • How do we figure out what’s right and wrong?
  • What is your personal moral code?
  • Are there objective truths?

Homework: Read Moral Dilemmas article (2 pages) for Thursday.

September 5th, 2012

1) Complete and PRINT (yes, print) the Student Profile.  This is a chance for you to share some information with me, and for you to show me you have successfully found the wordpress site.    You can complete this online and print, or print then complete.  Either way, please give it thoughtful care and attention.  I look forward to reading, and offer my respect for your privacy in, what you will share.

2) Complete the What is Justice? assignment for Tuesday September 11th. (Work period Friday September 7th)


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