Eastern Canada Tour

The Context:

The Bruce Mau design firm developed a campaign that, among other things, challenges the common stereotypes of Canada.  They called the campaign Know Canada.

How much do we “know Canada”?  How does your personal heritage influence your absorption of Canadian history- both recent and far-reaching?  How does the extensive geography of Canada influence how we conceptualise the country, the nation, its people and accomplishments?

Political Map Dominion of Canada 1898

Your Task:

In working groups of your choice composed of 3 or 4 students, you will be responding to this campaign and contributing to the body of work that seeks to explain, represent, inspire and question Canada and Canadians.   You’ll produce a piece of media (video, photograph gallery, etc) on the trip and upload it to your group’s page on the project’s main site.  Also on that page, you’ll be able to include context- reflections from the trip, artefacts researched and collected.    Then, your piece and the context will be easily shared with your peers and our school community.

The goal is not to imitate the Know Canada campaign, but rather respond to it (see Kirby Ferguson) – to remix… to copy, transform and combine.

“Everything is a remix.”- Kirby Ferguson

So, that’s your challenge….  What does it mean to know Canada?

You tell us.


“Know Canada” campaign site. Bruce Mau Design.

Campaign Commentary. Huffington Post.


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